The foundation of Tenoka was laid in 1990 by Servet Öztürk who is the CEO of Tenoka. Since its establishment, Tenoka has carried out many projects and has been leading the natural stone industry in Turkey. Procuring marble, granite, limestone, quartzite, travertine, onyx and semi-precious natural stones from all four corners of the world and Turkey in all colors, and different patterns. Tenoka offers products, services and application support specially tailored for its clients.

Being one of the leading establishments in Turkey and in the world in this field, Tenoka integrates the latest technologies into its production of slabs and dimensional stones and uses water-jet technology to produce decorative patterns, profiles, shell columns, pillars and capitals for its entirely custom boutique projects. 

Working with the most prestigious companies and individuals in architecture, construction and design fields, Tenoka takes on every stage of natural stone projects from start to finish and hands in the keys to its clients.





Our main goal is to exceed expectations and deliver the best quality in our production and services and be the best in every relationship we form and every project we carry out.

In the core of our existence lies “people”.  Our priority is always the happiness of people we interact and work with.

We know the importance of having an innovative perspective in the business. Therefore, we see it as a necessity to continuously develop and improve our business models.

We only make promises as much as we can achieve and not more. We base our relations with our clients on credibility and solution partnership.


Tenoka focuses on client satisfaction, thus prioritizing the needs and demands of its clients. The principle of quality continues to be of the utmost importance from the start of the project to the application and delivery of the project. Thanks to all the checks and monitoring of every step of the production and application, Tenoka never compromises on quality of its services and its products. Tenoka implements the highest standards and checks every step of the projects from start to finish, paying close attention to product selection and quality and thus meeting and ensuring the expectations of its clients by providing fast delivery of its services and products.

Quality Management Principle of Tenoka is built upon the following points:

  • To understand the current and future needs of its clients and exceed the expectations of its clients.
  • To synthetize its knowledge and experience with the modern technologies.
  • To pick out any factor that affects quality and continuously develop and improve those factors.
  • To minimize the costs by making sure that quality management process works perfectly.
  • To be open to new ideas that can move the company one step ahead in the game. To put emphasis on developing and improving the company by following the innovations and changes in the industry.
  • To be able to adapt quickly to the changing demands, new conditions and unexpected changes in projects.
  • To value its employees and to increase the quality work force.

ISO 9001 2015
ISO 14001 2015
ISO 45001 2018